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At DesignIntelligence, we are continually re-evaluating our studies to ensure optimal relevance.

A couple of years ago we shifted from America’s Best Architecture and Design Schools to America’s Most Hired From and Most Admired Design Schools, recognizing that a BEST school does not exist as each student's needs are unique and each subjectively view “best” as what’s best for them.

Over the past year DesignIntelligence designed a new, more relevant study to highlight the strengths of every design education program across the US. This new program shifts from Rankings to Ratings. Our newly created surveys will focus on program differentiators and will discourage direct comparisons of programs.

The highlights of the new program include:

  • Design school programs will be rated based on their individual attributes and merits.
  • Architecture, Interior Design, and Landscape Architecture Programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels will continue to be included.
  • Input from Deans/Department Chairs, Professionals, and Students will continue to be solicited.
  • Programs will be given a rating in each of five separate categories: Output of Institution, Outcomes from Alumni, Learning Environments, Relevance, and Distinctions.
  • DesignIntelligence will continue to ask professionals for the “Most Hired From” selections.
  • DesignIntelligence will continue to ask professionals for the “Most Admired” selections.

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The links to the 2022 surveys are below.


Hiring/supervising professionals within firms are invited to participate.


Students, both undergraduates and graduates, and alumni who have graduated within the last three years are invited to participate.


Only one survey per program should be submitted.

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